FAQS for WIFI Unit 

This is our latest release. We know you might have some questions. Below, please find a list of the most common things people ask. 

Why can’t I connect with my home network?

Please make sure you are connecting to a 2.4GHz router as the ProGrade WiFi thermometer does not support 5GHz routers nor public networks.

Why does my unit display an ‘LLL’ or ‘HHH’ error message?

Don’t panic. This code appears when your temperature probe has been shorted by extreme heat or by water damage. There is nothing wrong with your unit. Contact us and we will be happy to replace for free!

How long do I need to charge the battery?

Please charge the battery for 4 or 5 hours before first use to ensure sufficient power. Once the battery is low, you will hear an audible warning prompting you to recharge the unit.

Why does the screen go blank?

When there is no change in temperature below 122F/50C for over 15 minutes, the screen shuts off to conserve battery. The screen can also go blank if you are recharging without the probe inserted into the thermometer.

Why can’t I see ‘LivingSmart’ in my Wifi connection?

Please make sure you have pressed the button on the back of the thermometer until you see “-” which will turn into “AP” after a second or so. Once the thermometer is in AP/Pairing mode, you should be able to see “LivingSmart”

I keep seeing ‘Password Incorrect’ when setting up the network connection.

Please ensure the password is entered correctly because the app cannot check it in the first step of the setup.

My battery seems to be draining really fast.

Please ensure the power is turned off after each use so it is not just in standby mode. Typically, each charge should last you at least 3-4 barbecue sessions before needing to recharge*. *Note: time may vary depending on usage per session, temperature, and other variables.

Can I use the probe to check grill temperature?

No. The probe is not rated for open flames, so using the probe in this manner will short out the probe.

How should I clean the probe and wire?

Please clean the probe and wire with a clean damp cloth rather than under running water. Running water may get into the probe and short out the probe.

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